30 Years of WTF

Written By Kirsten Bosio - January 10 2019


January 11 2019

Thank you for sharing this. I enjoy your blog posts, Instagram photos, and overall vibe. Understanding YOU was just a bonus peak into how this beautiful magic came about. In sorry all of that happened to you, and if we were friends out over a beer, I would ask you way more personal questions about all of this. For now, as a childless weirdo who loves what you do, I gawk and imagine which friends of mine need me to buy your products for their kids. I honestly just am so glad that kids have cool people like you making clothes for them to express themselves. I always hated the shit they sold in dept stores in the 90’s. This is tiny me inside adult me looking in amazement at your talent, unique eye, beautiful children, and adorable parenting. If anyone is harassing you online, I will kick their ass. 💜💚💛💙

January 11 2019

You have no idea what your words mean to me i am sobbing and i thank you with all my being for sharing this because it resonates so deeply with my childhood and because it is so hard to humanize and be understood for past trauma and why one is " the way you are", empathy is bleek and we are truly demonized for being remnants of things we had no control over, although today i am so freaking lost and in the worst position ive ever been as an adult, i feel great inspiration when i see you and your children flourish, it gives me that cool quirky nostalgia of being a 90s kid all over again but without the dread of abuse, thank you for putting sunshine on my timeline with the little snippets of your children being happy and free and the love you have instilled in them is truly visible so please DONT YOU EVER FUCKING STOP 🌈💕✨🌞 Cool beans and Love always dude….always 💕🌈

Destiny L.
January 11 2019

I have been through similar issues, several stays at the mental hospital, constant therapy and medication that never helped, a few times I could’ve lost my life. Sexual harassment, nearly homeless, etc. I’m only 18, I pushed myself into recovery after spending my 18th birthday alone and suicidal. I’m grateful for the progress I’ve made and I’m so glad for you and this great thing you’ve built up. Happy birthday and best of luck to you 💕

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